Combo hunt , brown bear, moose, caribou


(the program may change due to bad weather at sea and the time of the ebb and flow in the port of Okhotsk and at the mouth of the Ulya river)

- 1 day - arrival in Khabarovsk. I meet hunters at the airport, transfer to Intourist hotel, overnight (about $ 70 per room)

- 2 day - 7-00 transfer to the airport, 9-20 departure from Khabarovsk to Okhotsk by plane with a propeller with one-stop. Arrival to Okhotsk. Transfer to the seaport, depart to the area of ​​hunting by schooner about 7 hours.

- 3 day - to loading on inflatable boats and moving to the mouth of the Ulja River and then upstream! The hunt has begun!

- 4 - 10 days - river rafting, fishing, bear hunting in the evening.
- 11 - day - return to Okhotsk on the schooner!
- 12 - day - departure from Okhotsk, arrival in Khabarovsk. Overnight at the hotel.
- 13 or 14 - day departure from Khabarovsk
Included in cost:
- schooner rental
- Licenses for brown bear, moose, and caribou
- the work of the rangers 1Х1, a cook in the camp, a translator.
- rental of rifles and other equipment
- food and accommodation in the camp and in Okhotsk
The cost does not include:
- the cost of hotel and air tickets  Khabarovsk - Okhotsk - Khabarovsk round trip about $500
- strong drinks and beer (pre-ordered or brought with you)

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