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The booking of our hunts continues for 2023 and 2024!
Please ask me a price and more info by Telegram and WhatsApp +79145421331
1. Amur brown bear baiting hunt on May 04 -10. We have 2 vacancies.
2. Amur brown bear coastal hunt on May 14 - 20. We have 4 vacancies.
3. East Siberian brown bear coastal hunt on May 22 - 31. We have 4 vacancies.
4 East Siberian brown bear coastal hunt June 03 - 14. We have 4 vacancies for 2023!
5. Himalayan black bear baiting hunt on August 01 - 05. We have 2 vacancies.
6. Okhotsk snow sheep mounting hunt on August 08 - 19. We have 2 vacancies 
7. East Siberian brown bear + caribou on August 22 - September 3 We have 2 spots opened.
8. Moose + caribou on October  11 - 20 We have 4 vacancies.
9. Amur moose + Amur brown bear on September 15 - 23
10. Okhotsk snow sheep + moose + caribou in Oktober 01 - 10 We have 2 vacancies.
We are glad to see you in Russia with new trophies

East Siberia brown bear hunt

Today, 19 years since the beginning of the company, Sergei Outfitter provides full service in hunting and fishing in the Far East. We have many victories in big games with Amur bears, East Siberian bears, snow sheep, and taimens! Welcome to the Far East of Russia for hunting and fishing! Write by call and WhatsApp and Telegram +79145421331


For hunting or fishing with us, you have to fly into Khabarovsk (KHV) via Moscow or Seoul, or Tokyo! I'll meet you at the airport and the next morning we fly to Okhotsk or Nikolaevsk on Amur by the propeller or drive to camp by jeep! 

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Spring East Siberian Brown bear hunt


Siberian taimen fishing and rafting



04.08.2022 10:27

Syed mojiz ali

Hello! The brown bears you have hunted are pretty large and looks like they govern the Amur taiga. If such large bears, as you hunted, fight with a large tiger so who is likely to win?

15.02.2022 14:26

Mario Spiteri

Please send me prices for trophy moose

15.02.2022 22:18


Hello Mario! Do you have WhatsApp? I can send my price on it! +79145421331

19.11.2021 04:28

James F Swidryk

Are large caliber hunting handguns allowed??

20.11.2021 23:09

Sergey Khromykh

That is possible for our bear hunts!

20.11.2021 05:10

James F Swidryk

475 Linebaugh- 454 Casull- 460S&W. James

19.11.2021 06:18

Sergey Khromykh

What caliber do you have?

03.09.2021 17:32

Tay Park

Hi Sergey, how much is your East Siberian brown bear coastal hunt in May?

03.09.2021 17:33

Tay Park

Sorry I do not have WhatsApp.

03.06.2021 01:15

Dave Polak

Can I get pricing on your hunts, are Americans allowed into Russia?

03.06.2021 03:57

Sergey outfitter

Hello Dave! Can you check your inbox?

16.04.2021 00:57

dennis rhoades

Interested in your east Siberia bear hunts.

16.04.2021 12:30

Sergey outfitter

Hello dennis! Can you use WhatsApp +79145421331 for communication?

08.03.2021 11:29

Sergey outfitter

WhatsApp +79145421331 the best for our communication

07.03.2021 17:56

David Stapchuck

Can US resident bring own rifle or is this not allowed or advisable ? Is camp shared with multiple hunters and guides ?
Covid vaccine mandatory ?

08.03.2021 11:27

Sergey outfitter

In camp maximum 4 hunters and 4 guides, and one cook and one outfitter! I have no idea about covid rules! You have to ask about it Air company or your travel agent

08.03.2021 11:26

Sergey outfitter

Hello David! You can bring your rifle into Russia, but I think it is not advisable if you will travel to Khabarovsk via Moscow! We have a few rifles for you on this hunt! This hunt for group hunters.

26.02.2021 20:15

Milton Fitzl

I am interested in brown bear hunt

27.02.2021 04:54

Sergey Ounfitter

Hello Milton! It is a good choice! We have 2 different brown bears. Amur brown bear in May 16-21 and East Siberian Brown bear in May 22-31! Which of them interesting? We have also East Siberian brown.

08.02.2021 00:27

Greg ranschau

Would like to see something for moose carabou wolves for 2022 as I’m booked up for the year

08.02.2021 08:38

Sergey Outfitter

Hello Greg! Thanks for your request! Can you use WhatsApp or Telegram for our conversation?

01.02.2021 12:14

Сергей Ястржембский

Сергей, приветствую. Расскажите подробнее об охоте на Амурского мишку в начале мая.
С уважением, Сергей Ястржембский

08.02.2021 08:35

Sergey outfitter

Сергей! Я написал в WhatsApp! посмотрите!

02.12.2020 23:51


Talked to you from NY United States. Sending Jack Daniels!

03.12.2020 10:39


Nice deal my friend! Are you really STALIN? Good deal! My WhatsApp +79145421331 You can recall to me tomorrow!

19.09.2020 02:12

Blaise Murazik

Ergonomic Concrete Fish

10.09.2020 15:08

Dr. Stephan Greenfelder


09.09.2020 07:58

Julius Ritchie


09.09.2020 08:34


yes! Is close now! But I hope it will be open for next season!
Would I give you offers of my hunts?
You can use to communication WhatsApp +79145421331

31.08.2020 17:30

Ona Sipes


10.02.2019 11:03

Sergej Dimitrijevic

Sergej imeju ohotnika s 1 avgusta na 2 barana, mozet bit Ohotskih ili Magadanskih. Cto mozes predlozit?

10.02.2019 12:43


привет Сергей! Могу предложить Охотского барана в Охотское с первого августа. Мой WhatsApp +79145421331 добавь меня! Цены ты тут на сайте видел! Один охотник на 2 барана или 2 охотника?

29.01.2016 02:04


great hunt