It was a good hunt. The weather was wonderful, only the evening wind caused inconvenience when landing in an air boat. Bears actively went out to the beach and in the evening you could see more than 10-15 bears. We opened a reservation for this hunting in May 2021 2022. We are waiting for your questions and deposits!

East Siberian brown bear hunt! Antonio 4 trophies

4 trophies Antonio

Spring Siberian brown bear hunt


Spring East Siberian brown bear hunt

East Siberian brown bear hunt

Spring East Siberian brown bear hunt

Spring east siberian brown bear Hunt in Okhotsk Sea coast
Ursus arctos beringianus
Hunting dates 23-30 May - 03-12 June
5 - 7 days of hunt. If the trophies are bagged ahead of time, the boat will be call up as soon as the hunters are done hunting.

An optimal size of a hunting group is four hunters, two in each camp. Such camp will be provided with two hunting guides (one guide for each hunter), one camp-worker and one cook.

Hunters are transferred to the hunting camp on the day of arrival in Okhotsk.

Trophies are worked up according to the requirements of taxidermist workshops.

Brown bear is hunted usually within 2-5 miles/3-8 km range outside the camp. A motor-boat can be used in the process of a brown bear hunt to reach the far away territories, inhabited by the bears. However, it is illegal to shoot at a bear from the motor boat.

Thus, the boats are used for transportation only and the hunters will be able to take a shot at a bear once they go ashore. The use of a motorboat enables hunters to cover lager territory, thus significantly raising the chances of a successful hunt.

Tour Program
1st day:

arrival at Okhotsk airport;
transfer to the hunting place (depending on prior arrangements, the hunters will be transferred either by MI-8 Helicopter or by motor-boat);
introductions to the camp-workers/hunting guides; safety instructions, observation of hunting rules and hunting area specifics, tips on regional Brown Bear hunt; scheduling the first hunting day on the map;
zeroing in; initializing GPS units and other mobile devices;
welcoming dinner.
2nd day:

hunters and guides choose directions for the current hunting day and depart for hunt;
dinner upon return to the camp;
the group discusses results of the hunting day.
3d – 7th day:

The daily agenda is similar to 2nd day. If the hunt is unsuccessful by the 4th day, the hunting strategy for the remaining period of time should be revised by the outfitter and the hunting group. If decided to relocate the camp, on the morning of the 5th day the helicopter/motor-boat will be moving the camp to the new area to continue the hunt.

8th day:

trophy preservation, packing;
departure for Okhotsk;
free time;
farewell dinner.
9th day:

transfer to Okhotsk airport;
Accommodation during Hunt
The hunting group is placed in the tents. Each tent can accommodate up to 4 people. Breakfast and dinner are cooked on the gas stove and/or campfire. Bagged lunch is provided daily. NB: please notify us of your diet restrictions/preferences beforehand.

The camp is equipped with a field toilet, a field bath-house, a mobile electric power station and mobile communication devices.

The guests are provided with the tents, mats and field-kitchenware. If motorboat is used during the hunt, one boat if provided for two hunters and their guides.

Maintenance Staff
personal hunting guide (one guide per one hunter);
outfitter, cook.
A hunting guide is responsible for bringing a hunter to the trophy animal within a gunshot range (e.g. in a Brown Bear hunt an animal should be shot at from a distance of 200 meters or less). During the hunt the guide handles all safety-related issues. The guide pretreats the trophy according to the hunter’s taste and takes pictures if requested. A guide stays with a hunter throughout the hunt. All guides are experienced in facilitating the visiting hunters. Most of the guides are professional hunters themselves.

The outfitter/the outfitter representative supervises a hunt, assigns guides to the hunters, schedules the hunt and monitors trophy processing. The outfitter/the outfitter representative provides means of communication. The outfitter/the outfitter representative is responsible for all safety issues related with the hunting tour, he handles the first-aid kit. The outfitter/the outfitter representative can also take responsibility of an interpreter and act as one.

A camp-worker is responsible for keeping the camp territory and living quarters in order, servicing the electric power station and field bath-house, stocking firewood and providing water supply.

A cook is responsible for providing the hunters and staff members with three meals a day (including bagged lunches for hunters).
9600 usd incl 2 trophies for each hunter
Tour Price Includes
transfers to/from Okhotsk airport;
2 licenses;
transfers to/from the hunting camp;
camp accommodation;
hunting guides;
transfer to/from the hunting area (camp)
trophy processing.

Hunting report on East Siberian brown bear!

Hunting report on East Siberian brown bear!

At the January convention of the International Safari Club Michael Humma from Frontier Safaris and Dennis Leveque from Pelly Lake Outfitters  told me the good news.Siberian brown bear 

Six American hunters have accepted our proposal for spring hunting East Siberian brown bear. Experience in conducting such a hunt for 6 people we had a little, we usually restrict participants, no more than four. And each of the hunters would like to get at least two trophies. But this was a case where such hunting to do and make it 100% successful! 

After I returned from Reno, we have begun to prepare documents for hunting, considering all the requirements of Russian and American laws. We have issued 6 permits for the importation of rifles on the territory of Russia and on the basis of licenses purchased in advance sent documents to Moscow, to obtain 12 CITES permits!

Entry visas for the citizens of America to Russia, demanded the necessity of making the invitation from the tour operator company "WELCOME"  and appeal to the Russian Consulate in San Francisco. This was fulfilled in our time and visas for the group were obtained. The best route to Khabarovsk from the United States (west coast) via Seoul Incheon International Airport

Time allotted for the preparation and anticipation of hunting passed very quickly! And now the end of May and we meet at the airport of Khabarovsk Asiana Airlines plane,

Border control is passed quickly enough, but the customs clearance of imported six rifles, it took more than an hour.

Tired from a long flight, but cheerful and noisy from crossing the Russian border hunters returned to their rooms at the hotel "Intourist"

The morning was certainly hectic, to arrive at the airport Extension to 7 am, to check for flights to Okhotsk, and most importantly to get permission for the carriage of excess baggage hunters and of course to pass the formal registration procedure rifles and cartridges for them in the service of airport security. Terms of baggage in Russia differ from the rules in America. In Russia, authorized to carry no more than twenty kg including hand luggage. Baggage weighing more than 20 kg. have to pay extra 1% of the cost of the ticket for each kg.  On the way to Okhotsk cost per kg is about $ 4. It should be noted that the rules for the carriage of baggage in America are much more favorable for passengers and they charge brought to Khabarovsk two large bags or suitcases weighing more than 40 kg. Our hunters were forewarned Michael about it, although it took us a pre-book and pay for 100 kg of extra baggage as to Okhotsk, and for the return transportation of trophies of Okhotsk in Khabarovsk.

And in the window through the rotating propeller aircraft, we see vast expanses of the Far Eastern taiga and flood plains of the river Amur, but after a two hour flight we already see the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk and the four-hour flight we start landing at the airport of Okhotsk! Much to our surprise the wind during the night and the day brought ice floes and icebergs to the shore and the sea port of Okhotsk!

Boat hire us to deliver us into the place of hunting unfortunately can not be used to move among the ice floes!

It is understood by hunters on their faces and read a little disappointed. Meeting at the airport Okhotsk, familiarity with hunters rangers passes under the impression seen from the plane of ice floes. All have only one question, when we will be able to go to sea and reach the hunting area on the East Siberian brown bear.

From the airport by three jeeps we reached the village of Okhotsk and stopped for the night in the apartment of our friend Vladimir. In the Okhotsk in June come the white nights and we watched with hope as to change its direction the wind is blowing from the shore into the sea large ice floes!

So around 11 pm a call Captain boats. The boat is ready to sail in a few hours, Meteorological Service seaport allows boats out to sea in full tide. (while the highest level of the sea).

Gathering were very fast and now we are in the boat and about 01 to midnight, we push off and take a course in the hunting area.

We have decided to make the hunt in three different places and equip three tent camps at least 30 kilometers from each other.

Each camp for two hunters and the wait staff: two rangers cook and interpreter and one air boat with a small outboard motor. Shore in places resettlement camps are not equipped for docking large boats so landing the first camp was held on the beach in small boats of marine!

This is the first camp on the shore! Two hunters successfully delivered and started to hunt!

Early in the morning we went to the seiners who caught a crab! Friendly captain wished us good luck and made a feast for us! Couple bags of ready to eat king crab claws inspire hunters!  

They refused breakfast in favor of a crab!

The second camp was ready to disembark as early as 3:00. Michael and David spot with me boarded the boat and went to the beach! We had to enter the mouth of the Greatest but rapid river. The weather that day was very warm and sunny. In the mountains, abundant snow melted and the river level was high and the water washed into the river from the shores of fallen trees and shrubs in winter and spring! These trees have created a logjam because of what the level of the river got up even more. This logjam watch over our boat and when we started to go into the river, logjam broke and ran to us! Steering shaft saw high water tried to turn the boat back into the sea! The maneuver was unsuccessful and our boat capsized and we ended up in the icy water! I helped out on the upturned boat Michael and David, and then climbed up on myself! And now I'm, Michael and David celebrate our second birthday on 3 June and call each other brothers of the Okhotsk sea! Our stay at the upturned boat was short-lived!From the big boats to us already hurrying inflatable boat that took us up and drove us to the cockpit with a warm covering for the dinner table! We changed into dry clothes, and for the prevention of the common cold by immersion in cold water, we drank some vodka with pepper! This drink is served its purpose and none of us got sick. Our bags and safe with a weapon as well have been safely and were picked up by rangers!Currently, the Sea of Okhotsk are almost no people and the place was practically very wild! Now this is a real paradise for East Siberian brown bear. He has no enemies there, and people do not come in there. The number of the beast there has greatly increased, making this a promising area for hunting! Our camp was set in an abandoned village of fishermen! There remain only two small trailer and canopy for the kitchen. It is quite enough for a comfortable stay of our group! As for hunting, then all we have seen traces left by large bears and around the camp and on the beach! Fishing on the shore complicated jumble of discarded on the beach of huge ice floes. The weather these days has been to help us. East Siberian bear careful and dangerous animal. He comes out of hiding to feed only in the evening or at night. I wrote about this earlier. After a briefing on safety rules I allow to hunt. In the evening we walked the couple of miles on the beach and saw a bear that picked up a discarded sea ashore dead capelin. We were in a good position. Light breeze blowing from the bear in the direction of the hunters. Bear was so engrossed in finding and eating prey, he had not noticed us and came close to us. It was a true distance to determine the trophy bear and shooting. David shot was accurate. First trophy bagged. After 15 minutes outside, we hear another shot.

This is an accurate shot Michael and second trophy was ours!

Two trophies in one night, it's not a bad result and the first night can be called a success by 100% 

The next day we spent to help rangers in the primary processing of trophies (skinning and salting) and prepare for the hunt in the evening. The next evening met our expectations. Each hunter has extracted one trophy. Our hunt was successful, but what the situation was in other camps. Communication session using the Iridium satellite phones allow us to communicate! In the first camp for two nights produced 2 trophies in the second four in ththree! For the remaining 3 pm need to get 3 trophies - this goal is achievable! Number of bears come ashore each evening increased! The remaining three days we spent digestion skulls trophies, leisure, watching the bears and made the hunt for ducks. We have had one 12-gauge shotgun.Three days later, we saw on the horizon, our big boat that a couple of hours dropped anchor and sent us on a sea boat! Loading on board did not take long and we went way back to Okhotsk on the way we picked up and a group of the first camp. The jaegers checked trophies on deck boats. Hunters sharing their impressions by a delicious dinner and alcohol! In the morning we had to be at the airport Okhotsk and afternoon fly to Khabarovsk.The way home is always shorter! Was breaking engine boats and delay for a couple of hours! My call was the general director of the airline "Khabarovsk Airlines". Plane delayed his departure from Okhotsk to our arrival! With the delay we arrived in Khabarovsk tired but very happy from a successful hunt East Siberian brown bear in the Okhotsk region of Khabarovsk Krai in Russia! I had to issue veterinary certificates for trophies every hunter to send them abroad together with our customers. Studies conducted in the laboratory animal skins and take three days!Flight to Seoul hunters should take place on the fourth day! We are bothered about their holiday and organized them fishing on the river Anuy 150 km from Khabarovsk on a fishing base.Three days of fishing added positive impressions American hunters on the Russian Far East! We had to issue veterinary certificates and CITES trophies. 

And then came the moment of farewell! A little sad. But there are feelings for a job well done. Thank you all, and hunters and rangers and interpreters and cooks for this job! Trophies East Siberian brown bear waiting for new hunters.

Sergey outfitter

Aug 2014


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