The program

One, maximum of two hunters in the group 1x1


1 day. Arrival to Khabarovsk (meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel, overnight) The cost of the hotel (50 - 120 dollars per pax/ night ) in Khabarovsk is not included in the price.

2 day. In the morning drive to the hunting camp by jeep Toyota Land Cruiser. (about 10 hours). Matveevich capm 601 km. from Khabarovsk.Arrival, lunch, and departure by jeep or by airboat to the moose roaring area! Baiting moose, hunting! Return to the camp, dinner rest!

3,4,5,6 day. Breakfast, preparation for the hunt! after lunch departure to the moose roaring area hunting! Return to the camp, dinner rest!

7 day. Breakfast, packing and departure to Khabarovsk, arrival in Khabarovsk, accommodation at the Hotel, rest!

8 day transfer to the airport, departure from Khabarovsk!

Additionally paid hotel in Khabarovsk, transportation of trophies to Moscow, and payment for services of the company for the export of trophies Stalker Group.

Latest comments

04.08 | 10:27

Hello! The brown bears you have hunted are pretty large and looks like they govern the Amur taiga. If such large bears, as you hunted, fight with a large tiger so who is likely to win?

15.02 | 22:18

Hello Mario! Do you have WhatsApp? I can send my price on it! +79145421331

15.02 | 14:26

Please send me prices for trophy moose

20.11 | 23:09

That is possible for our bear hunts!

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